The Importance of Beer in American Society

What do baseball, football, buffalo wings, first dates, college and poker all have in common? Beer. Beer plays a huge role in American society and in the day to day lives of many Americans. Americans love their beer. Beer is not just another alcoholic beverage, it is a part of our culture. Who wants to watch a football game without a few beers in hand? Who wants to eat buffalo wings without a nice, cold brewskie? Who wants to go on a first date without a little extra liquid courage? How much fun would poker with your buddies be without a few cold suds? Who would play Beirut in college if the cups were not full of good ol’ Paps Blue Ribbon?

Beer is powerful and it can bring people of all ages, races and walk of life together, be it in a bar, at a sporting event, within a family, or on the subway on the way home from work. Beer is magical in this country in which we tend to overindulge. Beer is a comfort and a poison at the same time. Beer represents the freedom of America. For many Americans, beer is not just a comfort, but an expression of identity. Whether the man next to you at the bar orders a Guinness or a Coors Light draft will have an impact on what you think about him. Beer is not just a man’s drink anymore, either. There are now plenty of women’s beers. For example, the new Michelob Ultra Pomegranate Raspberry beer is perfect for any woman, it is light and airy, yet still a real beer.

What is the importance of beer in American Society? Beer is so important to our country because it brings people together yet tears them apart. Beer is so important because its effects are national, from 10 year old boys to 100 year old women, all people are indulging in beer consumption. Beer is important because it makes baseball, football, buffalo wings, first dates, college and poker what they are. It is dangerous, it is fun, it is comfort, it is poison, it is courage, it is cowardice, but above all, it is freedom. What represents our country better than freedom?