The facts about green tea benefits

Research can be fiction as we all know. We weren’t their when the studies were made so how can anybody know for sure? Well it has been proven IF you eliminate all sugar from your diet, that is bad sugar, then you will have faster results. Soda and caffeine drinks such as coffee contain what is known as “bad sugar” or refined sugar. That is part of the problem with TV dinners and boxed pasta’s. Not only is it an addiction, but it can cause you to retain water like their is no tomorrow including if you eat a lot of salt. Eliminating salt and sugar will give you better results than you could ever imagine.

So what about Tea? Well, their are thousands of different tea’s out there, from package teas to buying them completely organic. There are also teas out their that can boost your metabolism. Tea is not only healthy for you, but can also be relaxing for those who have anxiety or feel rushed for the day. To be able to sit down for five minutes and enjoy a cup of tea is so refreshing in many ways. So lets get back to the question at hand, sorry for getting side tracked, but I just had to point out that there are other benefits to drinking tea.

I think that people have a problem with tea is because they either do not know the different kinds of teas out there or they do not believe that it can help. Plain and simple, they want to do it the hard way which is fine. With drinking tea you have to eat healthy and workout. People are not saying that it is a magical weight loss cure. And if you sit on your butt then it won’t work. It is not like taking a diet pill and sitting there and you end up loosing weight.

So what are the different teas you can drink to help improve your metabolism? Well there is green tea, which has been clinically tested overtime to see if it helps people loose weight. Green tea has excellent thermogenic properties which helps improve metabolism, burning calories and breaking down fat. Other herbs that are contained in tea include Gugilipid and Maitaki. Gugilipid has also been tested to improve your cholesterol levels. When you shop for green tea you basically want to make sure that is completely organic and actual green tea.

I suggest hitting your Asian stores or organic stores and seeing what is available out there. You do not want green tea that is mixed in with other products such as the weight loss tea that you can find at weight loss stores. Most of them do not contain a high enough quality of green tea to improve your weight loss. So in reality, you want to buy basically green tea leaves as much as you can. Not only does green tea help with weight loss, but combined with ginger and olive leaves, it helps lower cholesterol and helps blood flow a lot easier for those who have tiny blood veins like me. If you want to hit the diet stores make sure they have a high enough amount of green tea extract in them to help enhance weight loss.

So again this is from my perspective. I am not a doctor and I am not telling you that green tea is a magical weight loss drug because it isn’t. However, when combined with your already healthy life style, it can improve many things. I recommend reading about it and if at all possible go to a dietitian that would understand your choice of not taking pills or other weight loss products that could be dangerous for you in the end.