The Characteristics of a Good Waiter

There’s nothing more unpleasant than to go to a nice restaurant and have a rude, and inattentive waiter. If you’re a waiter or waitress trying to earn more money on the job, read these tips that will make your customers love you!

 Be courteous to the people you are serving. They came to your employer’s restaurant to enjoy a meal, and a bad attitude and rude servers will make for a bad experience. Plus, you can be sure your tip will be very small. A polite and attentive waiter will be easily liked by customers and ensure a larger tip. However, it is is important not to be too attentive. It’s very annoying to be trying to enjoy your food and have a waiter who constantly comes by your table, asking if they can refill your drink or bring you more bread. Don’t hover, but do be attentive.

Be friendly and prompt. Speak confidently and energetically with your customers. Make them like you and enjoy the atmosphere of the restaurant so that they will come back again. Be prompt and quick with your service. As soon as your customers are seated, ask them what they would like to drink and bring them immediately, as well as their menus. Be patient with people who can’t make up their minds about what they’d like to eat. Be social and interact with your customers. Don’t just serve the food and leave. Ask them how they are, if they are celebrating anything special, and be sure to treat the kids as equals too. Bring them kid’s menus and crayons to keep them occupied as they wait for their food. 

Be flexible and knowledgeable. Don’t tell the customers they can’t have what they want, unless the menu specifically says so. If someone asks for something on the menu to be altered, then do so. You want to make them happy. Always remember what your customers order, and don’t bring them the wrong food! Be flexible with the menu and make sure that you keep your customers happy. Another part to being flexible is being able to put up with unruly, rude customers. If you have a rude customer, continue to be courteous towards them. A part of being a waiter putting up with rude people. If you are rude to them as well, they will complain to your manager and you could lose your job if it continued. No matter how rude or annoying a customer may be, always be nice to them, and don’t let your temper get the best of you.

Being a waiter or waitress is not a difficult job, as long as you remember to just be yourself, be social, polite, and quick with your service.