The Caesar Cocktail

When it comes to food and drink, most people, when they hear the word “Caesar” will think Salad. The Caesar though is also the name of a cocktail, sometimes also referred to as a Bloody Caesar. The Caesar cocktail is almost unknown outside of Canada, but within the boundaries of Canada, it is often regarded as the nation’s national drink.

The Caesar is a drink that can be consumed seemingly at any period of the day and for any particular reason that the drinker can think of.

-Ingredients for a Caesar Cocktail (one serving)

Celery salt

1 ½ fluid ounces of vodka

2 dashes of Tabasco

3 dashes of salt and pepper

4 dashes of Worcestershire sauce

 6 fluid ounces of Clamato juice

Celery stalk

Lime wedge

The Caesar Cocktail is normally served in a highball or Collins glass, but before the drink is built the glass needs to be rimmed in celery salt (or salt and pepper if celery salt is unavailable).

The glass is then filled with ice cubes and the vodka, Tabasco sauce, salt and pepper, Worcestershire sauce and Clamato juice are then added. All ingredients are then stirred together with the celery stalk.

The garnish for a Caesar Cocktail is normally the celery stalk and lime wedge, but pretty much any vegetable has been used as a garnish for the cocktail at one time or other.

The proportions of ingredients are something that can be played around with. Some people prefer more Tabasco, whilst others might prefer less Clamato juice, as with most cocktails it is a personal choice. Experimentation is part of the fun when it comes to making and drinking cocktails.

Whilst the ingredients quoted above are for one serving, the Caesar cocktail is not necessarily a drink that has to be prepared when it is to be drunk; making up in bulk and decanting when required is perfectly possible.

Those people who know about cocktails will look at the ingredient list and wonder just what the difference is to a Bloody Mary, and of course the only real difference is the use of Clamato juice instead of standard tomato juice. To many lovers of the Caesar cocktail the use of Clamato juice makes all the difference.