Puttin’ on the Glitz

Zuzupop’s clothing and accessories combine scrumptious color, classic vintage fabrics, and posh trimmings just in time for your fling with Spring

Designer Tes de Luna knows how to turn plain into pizzazz with every piece in her collection. Whether it’s a reconstructed pale pink tee adorned with a silkscreened crimson flower and sequins, or a vintage fabric clutch lined with soft satin, zuzupop creations hardly skimp on the frills. VenusZine’s Jen Hazen gets the break down from Tes on dressin’ you up in her clothing, bags, and accessories.

What inspired you to start zuzupop?

I started zuzupop in Fall 2003. I’ve always enjoyed making my own clothing and after hearing lots of people ask me where I got my pieces, I figured it might be fun to try to sell them.

Do you have a background in fashion design?

I took some sewing classes,but never formal fashion design classes. As a teenager, I wanted to be a fashion designer, but I didn’t like the aspect of designing for models. I wanted to make creative, wearable clothing that everyday people could wear and be comfortable in. I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Minneapolis College of Art and Design, with an emphasis in Photography and Filmmaking. After a couple years of floundering in the commercial film industry, I found a way to use aspects of design, color theory and my love of fashion for my business.

What items are your most popular sellers?

So far, my Lucy t-shirt has been the most popular. It is a really soft, lightweight cotton and the scoop neck is really flattering. It has a vintage lace silkscreen with hand-sewn vintage sequins. The Starla t-shirt is also popular. It is a silkscreened rock shirt that I have deconstructed so it actually its us women well! My Velouria clutch sells very well, too. It is made of vintage fabrics and has a soft velvet bow running across the bag.

What makes your goodies unique from other online stores?

I think that there are so many great web stores out there right now. I am trying to make really unique, well-made, wearable art, so I might spend a couple hours on one t-shirt. Hopefully that is where my clothing stands out.

How do you want people to feel when they wear your clothing/accessories?

That is honestly why I am making clothing! I want people to feel like they are expressing themselves and showing their personal style while wearing my line. I want them to feel confident, like they are wearing something fashionable, without looking like a fashion victim.

I love your Starla t’s with band logos. Have you received any feedback from the bands about these?

I actually haven’t received direct feedback, but Maggie from Kill Rock Stars is happy with them. Other bands have offered their shirts up, too! I hope to have more band options on my site in the near future.

Any new items that you will be adding to your collection?

I am adding two skirt styles both made with vintage fabrics, a new tote bag style with vintage material and hand beading, and a new t-shirt style called Jane, which has a handmade flower sewn on the t-shirt .

What does zuzupop mean?

My cat of 12 years is named Zuzu and I wanted to name it after her. I thought that pop would be a cute add-on since, originally I was making deconstructed band t-shirts. Most of my friends are either musicians or love music, thus Zuzupop.com was formed!

Where can readers find your goodies?

Thus far, zuzupop can be found at Ouvrez La Porte in Brooklyn, Gracie’s in San Diego, as well as Hello Gorgeous and Pretty Parlor, both in Seattle. Items are also available on my website, zuzupop.com.