The facts about green tea benefits

Research can be fiction as we all know. We weren’t their when the studies were made so how can anybody know for sure? Well it has been proven IF you eliminate all sugar from your diet, that is bad sugar, then you will have faster results. Soda and caffeine drinks such as coffee contain what […]

The Eastern European pastry Known as Potica

Potica, also known as Povitica, is traditional Slovenian bread made in both sweet and savory varieties. The history of Potica is fascinating.  The word used comes from a Slovenian word meaning “to wrap in”  It is a traditional Christmas and Easter dish and the first reported mention of it was in the year 1575. This is […]

The Classic Mojito

The Mojito is arguably the world’s most famous cocktail, and regularly appears on the list of most requested mixed drinks from countries all around the globe. The name itself seems to conjure up images of dusty Caribbean beaches with the sun shining down, and many people do enjoy the drink as they take in the […]

The different types of pie crusts

When making a pie crust there are usually two ways to do it. A plain flour and butter crust can be used for both sweet and savory types of pies. Sweeter crusts made of crushed cookie crumbs are lovely for frozen custard pies. If these two types of crusts are so popular, why would someone […]

The Characteristics of a Good Waiter

There’s nothing more unpleasant than to go to a nice restaurant and have a rude, and inattentive waiter. If you’re a waiter or waitress trying to earn more money on the job, read these tips that will make your customers love you!  Be courteous to the people you are serving. They came to your employer’s […]