Lose Double Chin

You are most probably one of the million individuals who are struggling to lose double chin and fats stored around the neck.  Double chins start to build up as people get older and fatter.  There are some individuals who are not yet old or fat but already have this type of fat.  This is because of the genes that they inherit from their parents.

People who have the habit of eating foods high in calorie content but lack the habit of doing regular exercises tend to become fat and weigh more.  This is the major reason why fats accumulate on the neck.

If you are struggling to lose your double chin, you can follow some of the procedures listed below as recommended by nutritionists and doctors.

Diet – monitor your intake of calories.  Most of the foods available in the fast food stores are made of high calorie ingredients.  Even sodas and junk foods contain many calories and fewer nutrients.  The body needs more fruits and vegetables in order to maintain the high metabolism rate of the digestive system.  Fruits and leafy vegetables also contain L-Carnitine that helps the body eliminate fats automatically.

Exercise – regular exercise is not only for those who are athletics and sports minded.  Exercise is essential to keep the body weight in the standard level.  Fats stored, not only in the body, but also around the neck, will be eliminated and prevented if you do the exercise everyday.  To tone down the extra fats on the neck and jaw line, facial and platysma exercises are the right exercise that you must do to minimize it.   Platysma exercise works on the neck and the jaw muscle down to the chest.  This is where the double chin appears.

Cosmetic surgery – this is a kind of clinical surgery to remove the fats from the skin.  A tumescent liposuction requires anesthesia in the procedure.  It is done to individuals who want to remove the fats that are not responsive to diet and exercises.  A mentoplasty is also another surgical procedure wherein a chin implant is added to the jaw to stretch the skin under the chin.  Lipodissolve, on the other hand, is a non-surgical procedure but some chemical compound is injected into the skin to melt the fats away.  These cosmetic alternatives to lose double chin are not one hundred percent free of side effects. Always look for the licensed surgeon if you want to undergo through this procedures.

Velform chin wrap – the fastest and easiest way to lose double chin without the worries of side effects and other dermatological problems.  Gentle application of the gel solution and simple wrap around the neck gives the neck and the chin a massage that tightens the skin and reaffirms the neck for a thinner and more contoured chin.  After a month of twice-daily application of the Velform solution, positive results will surely be noticed.

Losing double chin is not just an overnight procedure, whether you choose the costly way to lose double chin or the natural steps, it is still your self-responsibility to maintain a healthy and fit body.