The Importance of Beer in American Society

What do baseball, football, buffalo wings, first dates, college and poker all have in common? Beer. Beer plays a huge role in American society and in the day to day lives of many Americans. Americans love their beer. Beer is not just another alcoholic beverage, it is a part of our culture. Who wants to […]

The History of Chai

Chai is generically known as ‘tea’ in most parts of the world and comes from the Hindi word of the same name. In the Western world (particularly the United States), “chai” means “masala chai” – tea brewed with aromatic spices and added with milk and sugar to turn it into something sweet and comforting a […]

The facts about green tea benefits

Research can be fiction as we all know. We weren’t their when the studies were made so how can anybody know for sure? Well it has been proven IF you eliminate all sugar from your diet, that is bad sugar, then you will have faster results. Soda and caffeine drinks such as coffee contain what […]

The perfect end to the perfect day

There’s no other nationality that knows how to produce that unique taste as the Irish do when creating a hot and warm Irish coffee. Imitations exist, though there’s something very special about the temptation that hits the tongue led on by the aroma of coffee which lies beneath that thick bed of double cream. Although […]

The methods of decaffeinating coffee

For many, caffeine is the very reason they begin drinking coffee. Soon after, whether it’s the caffeine rush or the rich, robust aroma and feeling of warmth and comfort coffee can bring, we get hooked on this strong brew. For some, the caffeine causes problems, either physiologically or medically. However, they just aren’t willing to […]