The Difference between Lemons and Citron

Citron is a large, fragrant, and very ancient, member of the citrus family believed to be native to Southeast Asia. Unlike lemons and limes, the most usable component of citron is usually the flavedo, or outermost yellow layer of the rind which is highly prized for its fragrance. The inner rind, or white fleshy pith, […]

The Eastern European pastry Known as Potica

Potica, also known as Povitica, is traditional Slovenian bread made in both sweet and savory varieties. The history of Potica is fascinating.  The word used comes from a Slovenian word meaning “to wrap in”  It is a traditional Christmas and Easter dish and the first reported mention of it was in the year 1575. This is […]

The Origin of Pastrami

Pastrami, long a fixture of delicatessen cuisine, can trace its roots back to the Ottoman Empire which flourished throughout Southeastern Europe from 1299 to 1923. It is believed that the first pastrami was produced in Turkey as a brined pork product seasoned with cloves, allspice, mustard, and paprika. As the Ottoman Empire spread from Turkey […]

The Difference between Prawns and Shrimps

In culinary terms, when we buy shrimps or prawns from the fishmonger or supermarket or order prawns or shrimps from a restaurant menu we generally differentiate simply on size. Smaller species we call shrimps and larger species we call prawns. Just to add to the confusion, the terminology can differ from country to country. What […]

Thai Cooking Tips

Thai food is captivating. It fits in with modern desire for short cooking time, healthy eating, and being able to create an exotic and delicious dish in one’s own kitchen. This article provides tips on how to cook Thai fod at home. Get experience This must be the best assignment ever! If one is a […]