Do you have Sinusitis?

Sinusitis – also known as rhinosinusitis –  is a very common problem affecting millions of people every year.  Normally, sinuses are filled with air, but when sinuses become blocked, they can fill with mucous and can become infected.  This infection in turn can cause inflammation of the tissue lining of the sinuses known as pansinusitis.  […]

Blue Waffle

What is the blue waffle? There was a photograph of a bad looking vagina on the Internet, so everyone started talking about a new disease, called blue waffle disease. No health institution has ever accepted this term. In fact, no health institution has ever said anything about this new disease, so we are wondering if […]

Lose Double Chin

You are most probably one of the million individuals who are struggling to lose double chin and fats stored around the neck.  Double chins start to build up as people get older and fatter.  There are some individuals who are not yet old or fat but already have this type of fat.  This is because […]

Biotin Hair Loss

When you’re battling coming from frizzy hair reduction and have accomplished a number of analysis within the excellent curly hair reduction cures people may found biotin. There is any relationship between biotin and frizzy hair reduction and also you’ll find ideas which getting biotin solutions may easily do the job to be a baldness treatment. […]

The Importance of Beer in American Society

What do baseball, football, buffalo wings, first dates, college and poker all have in common? Beer. Beer plays a huge role in American society and in the day to day lives of many Americans. Americans love their beer. Beer is not just another alcoholic beverage, it is a part of our culture. Who wants to […]

The History of Chai

Chai is generically known as ‘tea’ in most parts of the world and comes from the Hindi word of the same name. In the Western world (particularly the United States), “chai” means “masala chai” – tea brewed with aromatic spices and added with milk and sugar to turn it into something sweet and comforting a […]

The Difference between Lemons and Citron

Citron is a large, fragrant, and very ancient, member of the citrus family believed to be native to Southeast Asia. Unlike lemons and limes, the most usable component of citron is usually the flavedo, or outermost yellow layer of the rind which is highly prized for its fragrance. The inner rind, or white fleshy pith, […]